Here’s Harry Styles In The New Gucci Campaign Lovingly Holding A Live Chook

Well, here’s something rather wholesome to end your night on. Harry Styles, angel and big ol’ sweetie pie is the face of the new Gucci Tailoring campaign. When you think about it and Harry’s latest magnificent fashion, he’s the perfect person for the role.

Exhibit A:

Over the past day, Gucci have slowly been uploading absolutely gorgeous pictures from the shoot and they’re everything and more. In one photograph, Harry lovingly holds a chicken while staring off into the horizon. In another, he’s looking absolutely dapper in a navy suit as he gives a couple of sweet pups a treat.

As per Gucci, the shoot was literally done at a fish and chip shot in London and showcases the House’s latest designs by Alessandro Michele. 

Just imagine walking down to your local fish and chips and running into a full-blown Gucci shoot complete with Harry Styles, a chicken, and dogs.

I don’t understand this but I appreciate this a lot… and it oddly warms my heart.

I’m also extremely vibing with this Marseille jacket and its embroidered collar detail:

This could EASILY be album cover art:

As Gucci explains:

“In a narrative sequence that echoes many famous photographs and scenes from British films, Harry Styles brings his pet chicken and dog into the fish and chip shop. He orders and shares it with the animals.”

Anywhoo, Harry is currently off on his first solo world tour since One Direction went poof.

Right now he’s blessing Mexico City with his presence:

This is the part where I usually link you to the official collection on Gucci’s website but the web-page has mysteriously disappeared… or crashed. Maybe the latter.