Just A Few Pics Of Actual Angel Harry Styles Cuddling Teeny Bébé Animals

Harry Styles‘ latest Gucci campaign is LEGIT. You know why? Because it involves baby animals. In my book, add baby animals to literally anything and I will sit up and pay attention. Also, I will probably demand I get a cuddle of said baby animal somehow.

[jwplayer RfLMYyUD]

Harry’s latest for the fashion house hit Instagram on Tuesday, and features Haz cuddling a bunch of teeny angel babies while wearing some very expensive clothing.

The Gucci Tailoring campaign was shot at Villa Lante, a historic estate in Italy, and showcases Gucci’s 2019 Cruise collection.

I would like this headband thing and the bebe lamb tyvm.

Also this jacket.


This one is less fun bc that pig has ABSOLUTELY had it up to HERE with the photo shoot and wants to eat some slop and have a rest, okay?

I wonder if Harry kept the babies and now has a small menagerie of tiny cute animals that he lies amongst each morning. I like to think he does.