Hard Jobs: Victoria’s Secret Show Model Casting

Casting the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show is like watching a lengthy game of tennis except with humans instead of balls. It must be incredibly unsatisfying – evaluating someone solely on how they look in a bra. There’s no human connection, no relationship building. And yet the pressure is immense. Millions of people watch the result of your hard work and judge whether or not you picked the right girl to sport the Angel’s wings, or the leopard print onesie, or the multi-million dollar bra. And what about the sheep with no feet that eat rainbow milkshakes and fly through the pudding of life without pants on? I’m pretty sure no one is still reading this so I can write whatever. I love East 17! I came into the world when I hatched out of a giant pink egg! BLEAT BLEAT I’M A FUCKING GOAT.

This job is serious business. It’s all about the three Cs: Confidence, charisma and curves.

Victoria’s Secret 2011 runway show goes to air on 29 November.

Title Image by Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty