Victoria’s Secret Names Angel It’s Tapped To Strut The 2016 $4M Fantasy Bra

Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes has been tapped to wear this year’s $3.9 million (US $3 million) VS Fantasy Bra, a genuine milestone in any model / Angel’s career. Man, the fashion industry is weird.

VS filmed a heaps cute reaction video of Jasmine receiving the news, and she looks deadset stoked. 

Here she is, unsuspecting that she’s about to be told she’s the VS Fantasy Bra wearer, but also probably suspecting quite a bit:

According to Victoria’s Secret, she thinks they’re talking about bralettes. She thinks they’ve dressed her up and put her through hair and makeup and popped her on a picturesque lil’ balcony with a camera team to talk about bralettes.

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say she knows they’re not talking bralettes.


She is SHOCKED, we tell ya’. Bloody shocked.

Congratulations, @jastookes!! ?? We can’t wait to see her in the #VSFantasyBra at the #VSFashionShow, Dec 5 at 10/9c on @cbstv!

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The VS Fantasy Bras always pack a punch, price-wise, and have been bestowed on one lucky Angel each year ever since Tyra Banks rocked a $1 million one down the runway in 1996.

That’s a bloody steal, by today’s standards. This year’s Fantasy Bra – donned the Bright Night Fantasy Bra – contains 9,000 previous gemstones, took 700 hours to make, and could probably get you a nice two-bedder somewhere on the outskirts of Sydney

All her mates seem equally stoked, which is also cute.

….continued ??

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The VS Fashion Show is being held at a ridiculously luxe manor in France this year, and ya girl Bella Hadid will be walkin’ in it for the first time ever.

It airs December 5, for those of you with access.

Congrats Jasmine <3 

The 2016 Bright Night Fantasy Bra?

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Photo: Victoria’s Secret.