King Of Impulse Buys Hamish Blake Reveals He Got 2 Marshmallow Crossbows Seized By Border Force

hamish blake marshmallow crossbow

Aussie personality Hamish Blake has revealed he had two “marshmallow crossbows” seized by the Australian Border Force as they were deemed to be prohibited imports. I’ve seen folks at medieval fares carrying human-sized sharp-edged swords crafted by blacksmiths in Argentina and somehow this item crosses the line?

Blake revealed via his Instagram that the “impulse buy” items were confiscated by the ABF for basically being weapons.

You’d have to shoot a marshmallow at someone really hard to do any damage, but I can see why they’d prevent something like this from coming into the country. You never know what people could load into the crossbow.

“Look, I appreciate what these guys do to keep our country secure but not sure Marshmallow Crossbows should face the same penalties as regular medieval/Chewbacca crossbows,” he wrote.

“An impulse buy fail for Hame.”

hamish blake marshmallow crossbow

Thankfully he also provided images of said impulse buy for those of us who have no idea what a marshmallow crossbow is.

hamish blake marshmallow crossbow
It’s really just metal, wood and plastic string. I reckon someone could make this at home real easy.

It looks like a simple enough device to lob marshmallows at someone’s head — nothing more, nothing less.

Like I said earlier though I can just imagine someone putting an object like a pen into this device and lobbing it at their bestie without thinking of the damage something like that could do. I’d much rather be impaled by a marshmallow, thank you very marsh.

Keep in mind that Hamish bought two of these deadly snack-slinging devices, which means he probably wanted to go to war with someone in his household.

I can see it now: one big-ass bag of marshmallows opened up on the kitchen table as free ammo, both crossbow holders start at different ends of the house and you’ve got yourself hours of fun. The best part is, you can try to eat what someone else shoots at you. Now that’s modern warfare.

Pour one out (a bag of marshmallows) for Hamish’s missing set of crossbows. I hope the members of the Australian Border Force put them to good use during their lunch breaks.