‘It’s Gonna Be Hell To Pay’: Halle Bailey Brutally Slams Fan Who Said She Has ‘Pregnancy Nose’

Singer and one of my icons, Halle Bailey, has brutally shut down a fan who said she had a “pregnancy nose”.

In a scathing Snapchat Story, The Little Mermaid star officially addressed rumours that claim she’s expecting a bébé with boyfriend Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr — famously known as DDG –saying that there would be “hell to pay” if folks continued talking about her nose.

“Listen, if I see one more person say something about my nose one more time, it’s gonna be hell to pay,” Bailey said with a pinned comment that claimed she had a “pregnancy nose” followed by a pig nose emoji.

For those who are unsure about what “pregnancy nose” is, it’s when a pregnant person’s nose swells due to “elevated levels of hormones, such as estrogens, causing more blood flow to mucous membranes,” as per Dr Shahin Ghadir via Harpers Bazaar.

The singer continued her brutal rant, saying that she’s black and that she “loves” her nose.

“What is you concerned about my nose for?” Bailey questioned.

“Leave me the hell alone.”

Fans react to Bailey’s Snapchat Story

In response to her scathing Snapchat Story, which has since been reposted by The Shade Room, fans continued to speculate that the star was pregnant. Some folks also claimed that her rant proved that she was indeed expecting a bébé with her partner.

“She even got the pregnancy congestion and breathing,” one user wrote.

“We know a pregnancy face when we see one chileeee,” a second IG user commented.

“Her addressing the nose but not the pregnancy part tells me everything I need to know!” wrote a third.

According to COMPLEX, DDG and Bailey pregnancy rumours first surfaced in August when she appeared in one of the rapper’s Instagram livestreams.

AT THE END OF THE DAY (and this is my two cents on the matter), why the fuck are people still obsessing over women’s bodies?

You’d think in 2023, society would’ve learned to mind its own business when it comes to appearances, and honestly, I find it completely rude to assume someone is pregnant — regardless if they’re famous or not.

I Love Bailey. Her performance as Ariel is bloody iconic, and I really hope everyone lets go of the damn pregnancy rumours already.

It’s tired, and it’s giving 2000s toxic tabloid behaviour.

Image source: Snapchat / Halle Baily and Getty Images / Mark Marsland /WireImage