Gwyneth Paltrow, Mind Like A Sieve, Absolutely Forgot She Was In ‘Spider-Man’ Again

Can someone please come and collect Gwyneth Paltrow before she just embarrasses herself into an irretrievable hole in the earth? Because she’s just gone ahead and either forgotten she was in Spider-Man again, or she’s just plum forgotten that Zendaya was in the movie with her. Jesus wept.

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After Zendaya appeared at the 2020 Critic’s Choice Awards in a bloody phenomenal Tom Ford top that literally looks like it was moulded for her body, Gwyneth took to Instagram to praise the look, and accidentally exposed her terrible memory in the process. Again.

You see, Gwyneth has an incoming Harpers Bazaar Aus cover for February, where she’s wearing the same Tom Ford top (haute couture breastplate?) as Zendaya so she jumped onto insta and noted that she finally had “something in common” with Zendaya, because of the sculpted chest piece.

Not, you know, the fact she starred alongside Zendaya in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Obviously film credits don’t count as “something in common” for Gwyneth.

Maybe she’s been huffing too many of her weird Goop candles? Who knows what’s going on in Gwynny’s brain, truly.

It’s not the first time she’s plum forgotten about being that film, or who else has been in films with her – though it seems to only be MCU-related flicks.

Gwyneth was deadset she wasn’t in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which resulted in Jon Favreau having to explain to her exactly the scenes she was in for it to jog her memory.

Her face when she says “that was Spider-Man?” I just, ahhhh bless. You sweet fool.

But also, has she just straight up wiped that whole movie from her memory? How can you forget you’re in that film and then be reminded of it, and then forget who was in the film with you?

She ALSO forgot that she starred alongside Samuel L Jackson – who plays Nick Fury, which is absolutely not a small bit role or anything – in Marvel films, asking the head of Marvel Studios why exactly Jackson was at the Avengers: Endgame set.

Mind like a sieve, I swear to god.