‘Grand Designs’ Hero Kevin McCloud Is Coming To Oz And We’re Pitching A Tent

Forget Love Island. The quiet achiever Grand Designs delivers the ultimate reality TV thrill, providing vicarious fulfilment for each and every viewer locked out of the property market.

Us, essentially.

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Not only are viewers treated to self-actualised couples spending eye-watering sums on windows, audiences also get to savour the humiliating consequences of their hubris. You should have hired a project manager, Gerald, and you know it.

Guiding that heady mix of mirth and misery is presenter Kevin McCloud, the architectural demigod with enough knowledge to understand where things will go wrong – and enough restraint to let the homeowners fuck up regardless.

Now, old mate is coming to Australia to spill some of his knowledge.

The Sydney Opera House has announced that McCloud will appear onstage in November, delivering design insights across two events.

The first will be a rollicking conversation about all things structural with Australia’s own Modernist architecture boffin Tim Ross, and the second will be a special edition of Ross’ Man About The House series, featuring music, story-telling, wine, and even more McCloud.

Both events are going down on Thursday November 15. For more ticketing info on the chat and the Man About The House special, check out their respective links HERE or HERE.