Another Person Has Come Forward With Tea About Who’s Responsible For Good Girls Being Axed

We’ve just received more intel about the Good Girls sitch and now we don’t know what to fucken believe.

ICYMI: It was recently revealed that fan fave series Good Girls had been cancelled after four seasons but it turns out they were super close to a fifth season.

Retta, one of the lead actresses who also starred in Parks & Recreation, appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan and said she’s “still salty” over the cancellation.

Which is fair considering the show being axed had nothing to do with the quality of the show or its ratings, but rather one person who was difficult to work with, apparently.

“One person ruined it for all of cast and crew, and so it’s not back,” Retta said.

The actress did not reveal who said person is, but it’s worth mentioning that the other two lead stars on the show are Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Mae Whitman (Parenthood).

Several Deuxmoi disciples have since revealed that one of the lead actresses is notoriously difficult to work with.

But now another person has written in, claiming the issue was actually one of the male stars.

“This isn’t accurate,” the anonymous source wrote in reference to the previous posts calling out a female star.

“The situation had to do with a male and was about contracts and money. Everyone on the show was bummed it didn’t work out.”

Back to the drawing board!

That being said, it very well could have been a bloke’s fault and maybe the tea spillers are still right about the nightmare actress but her behaviour wasn’t the reason for the cancellation?

“Exposing this because I feel bad that everyone is saying it was this male cast member’s fault, but that simply isn’t true,” one person wrote.

“The real reason was because everyone hated working with ~this actress~. She made everyone on set miserable and tried getting everyone fired. She was constantly late and sometimes never showed up for her call.”

A bunch of the IG Story is blanked out which means it must be too spicy to show.

It continued: “Studio executives had to come several times and they finally had enough of her. She’s a nightmare. So many stories here, but I can’t fit them all.”

Another person added in a follow-up Instagram Story: “Basically corroborating. When I worked at a talent agency, she would cancel automated dialogue replacement sessions less than an hour before with BS reasons (this means wasting the time of all the producers, directors etc there and then also screwing over the show because they had to pay for that studio time.”

They concluded, “She was impossible to schedule and then cancelled so many times they had to just re-edit around her because they couldn’t keep losing money.”


Again, there’s no confirmation about which Good Girls star they’re talking about, but I’m expecting some sort of response from both Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman soon.

Why am I guessing these two?

Well, because aside from the three leads, the only other actresses in the show (aside from the children) are guest stars Noureen DeWulf and Lauren Lapkus who both play side characters that can easily be written out.

During Retta’s interview, she said the reason why they pulled the plug was because it was too tricky to rejig the storyline.

Therefore it’s gotta be someone who has a big enough impact on the show that their absence would really fuck shit up, so my money’s on Christina or Mae!

On the other hand, if the new spot of tea and it’s a male star who’s responsible, it’s likely to be Manny Montana who has played shady villain Rio since the start of the show. His absence would definitely have been noticed!

Anywho, Good Girls is now streaming on Netflix.