The AFL Footy Show was axed this week by Nine, and host Dylan Alcott has opened up the humbling experience of being let go, saying it was the first time he’d ever been fired from a gig.

Speaking to his co-hosts Angus O’Loughlin and Tanya Hennessy this morning on the Hit Network‘s Weekend Breakfast show, he described how it all went down.

The first sign of trouble came when he saw a group of men in suits approach as he was getting out f makeup. “I saw the suits there and thought oh, we’re in trouble here,” he said, before explaining:

“I haven’t had that many jobs in my life, because I started on a disability pension when I was younger, because it’s hard to get a part-time job when you have a disability. It’s really hard. So I never had a job, I played sport, and this, when I was on The Footy Show, was my first job, and now it’s the first time I’ve been fired!”

That means that at the ripe old age of 28, Dylan Alcott had his first ever job, and as he told his co-hosts, he lasted just two months, or around eight weeks. Brutal.

He also spoke about the impact of the show’s cancellation, saying that he and his co-hosts received a lot of uplifting messages from fans and supporters, adding:

“I really appreciate the opportunity, it was a great show to work on, especially with a live audience. Some of the staff had been there for 25 years so for them it was a big loss.”

Of course, prior to The Footy Show, Dylan Alcott was hardly slacking off. He has represented Australia in various sports including wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis.

He won a gold medal in basketball at the age of 17, becoming the youngest Aussie player to do so, and won two more gold medals in tennis at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

He has worked as a presenter on triple j and is currently a motivational speaker, so we reckon he’ll be just fine.

Image: Getty Images / Don Arnold