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We’re not sure what Gold Coast real estate company Neo Property had in mind when they came up with this here video. Employing the old “sex sells” ethos to spruik a residence in Sovereign Island, we see a sweaty bikini model tied to a chair and lesbians canoodling on the balcony (also in skimpy swimwear) and well, that’s about the gist of it. Oh, and machine guns and helicopters!
Subscribing to the Michael Bay school of visual communication, Neo shamelessly admit that they’re “trying to attract a broader audience”. Hey, Neo Property Marketing Team, good job on the demographic research! We missed the memo explaining why only (pervy) men buy houses. We also missed the memo explaining the correlation between soft porn enthusiasts and home owners. We’re not experts or anything, but maybe the philosophy ‘sex sells’ isn’t applicable in price brackets such as this.
The clip has since garnered more than 100,000 views on Youtube and received coverage from The Wall Street Journal. So yeah, thanks again internet. Making Australia look bad is like your number one past time right now.

Words By Melissa Kenny