A TikToker Has Called Out A Luxe Queensland Rental For Simply Massive Levels Of Misdirection

tiktok queensland rental storage unit

Another day, another bleak reminder that we’re in the worst timeline for, well, trying to be alive. This time it comes in the form of a TikToker detailing a Queensland rental that looks like it’s too good to be true — because it absolutely is.

TikToker Rach McQueen (AKA @rachmcqueen1) released a new video to her “Real Estate with Rachel” series on Monday, which featured a recently-listed gorgeous waterfront property on the Gold Coast seemingly going for well below expected rent rates.

“Charitable landlord and real estate generously adding to rental supply, below market value,” Rach wrote in the caption.


Real Estate with Rachel. Charitable landlord and real estate agent generously adding to rental supply, BELOW MARKET VALUE. Wow, renters should be so grateful for these property owners and investors. Society would be horrible if everyone could just, afford their own house if they want one. Kinda, you know, like how it was when the boomers bought up all the land/properties?! #realestatewithrachel #rentalcrisisaustralia #housingcrisisaustralia #realestateaustralia #shitrentals #goldcoastrental #goldcoastrental

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The property — which sold for $3.39m in January, by the way — was pitched as a four-bedroom house in Sorrento (technically Bundall) and is beyond stunning. Incredible floorplan, jetty into the water, and a pool for a mere $800 a week — surely there’s some kind of catch, right? Of course, there is. There’s always a bloody catch.

The since-deleted listing actually specified that the Queensland rental property is for storage only. STORAGE. Not for living in, enjoying the stunning views and generally having a roof over your head but simply 400 square metres exclusively for chucking all your stuff in for a while. Sorry… what?

“Oh so they’re not taking empty housing stock and adding it to the rental supply market,” Rach said in her video.

“They’re using it as a fucking storage facility instead. For $800 a week.”

Rach then compared that “rental” listing with an actual storage unit, where $1100 a month will get you a “large” 27 metre-squared space. But also a storage unit isn’t literally a fully-functioning house on the water that could home a family of like 10 people.

“What matters is this is a four-bedroom, five-bathroom house,” Rach said.

“Apologies that I could not restore any faith in humanity for you, we just found another fucking greedy opportunist.”

We know things are bleak out there in the rental game but this one truly takes the cake and throws it off a bloody cliff.