EW: A Syd Renter’s Landlord Wants To Evict Him Bc He Had Friends Stay Over & Not Today, Satan

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A Sydney renter has revealed the positively bonkers and illegal reason he was evicted from his property, and I can feel my hatred of landlords growing stronger every day.

The individual named Jack shared screenshots of the exchange with his landlord on Reddit, in which she tells him he has to vacate his granny flat rental because he brought “freeloaders” (read: friends) into her “private garden” (read: fucking backyard).

He also notes that he was charged extra rent every time he had his girlfriend over which completely baffles me. How do landlords just make up cooked rules as they go and proceed to sleep comfortably at night?

“Hi, just to let you know that three freeloaders walked out of my private garden this morning,” the text read.

“Like to explain to me?”

The follow-up text gives Jack no time to actually explain himself (not that he needs to) and tells him he has three months to pack his bags and get OUT.

“Hi, Jack. With much regret I decided NOT to lease the granny flat out any further,” the landlord wrote.

The capital “NOT” is sending me. So immature.

“Notice is now given to you to vacate the property within the legal period of three months or 13 weeks (or earlier) effective from 27 Feb to 26 May 2023. Good luck to you.”

From my landlord. Have had ongoing issues about friends staying over occasionally at my flat and she’s now decided to end the lease. Just asking if this is legal? She has also previously increased rent in exchange for me being able to have over my gf once a week.
by u/creepymuppet in sydney

“What do you mean [free]loaders? My friends stayed over after a night out I’m allowed to do that,” Jack responded.

“I can find other accommodation if necessary but does this have anything to do with yesterday?”

Commenters on Reddit were understandably on Jack’s side after reading the wild messages sent to him by his landlord.

“You paid extra for your [girlfriend] to stay over WTF? Dude. No!” wrote one commenter.

“She has been bleeding you dry because you have not yet stood up for yourself. Now is the perfect time to start. Stand up straight with your shoulders back.”

Others questioned the legality of the landlord’s actions and suggested Jack would be better off finding somewhere else to live.

“Was your bond submitted to the rental bonds board? If not, you are not getting it back,” wrote another Reddit user.

“What I would do is not pay the last few weeks’ rent and just move out ASAP. Bridges are burnt here. Just move on and don’t pay a single cent more.”

Renting in Sydney is so fucked that every time a story like this emerges I find it impossible to be shocked. Down with landlords!!!!