Julia Fox Confirmed She Never Went ‘Goblin Mode’ After That Iconic Fake Headline Went Viral

Actress, professional muse and legendary podcast guest Julia Fox has spoken out about one of the most vicious celebrity rumours in decades: that she and Kanye West broke up because he “didn’t like when [she] went goblin mode”.

ICYMI, a fake headline started swirling round Twitter in the wake of Julia Fox and Kanye’s break-up.

It started with Twitter user @meowmeowmeow (a modern day icon) who tweeted a photoshopped Pinkvilla headline.

Pinkvillla’s actual headline was “Julia Fox opened up about her ‘difficult’ relationship with Kanye West before split announcement”.  Pretty standard stuff, there.

But it was the doctored headline that went properly viral. I mean, a headline reading “he didn’t like it when I went goblin mode” is great stuff, to be fair.

Instantly relatable, obviously. Haven’t we all gone a little bit goblin mode sometimes? A little goblin mode, as a treat?

The headline was then picked up by other publications including The Focus, who reported it as fact in their goblin mode explainer. Show that sentence to a medieval peasant, I dare you.

VOGUE also referenced the incident in a recent story about Julia Fox.

I’ll admit, I want to believe in celebs saying they’re going goblin mode too.

Now Julia Fox, she of “Uncuh Jahms” fame, has formally denied that she ever used the phrase “goblin mode”. Which makes sense. Because it was a fake headline.

In an Insta Story she wrote:

Just for the record. I have never used the term “goblin mode”.

She also confirmed she wasn’t writing a book about Kanye. Back when she announced the break-up in a series of now-deleted Insta stories (a classic), she wrote “if u want the full tea ur gonna have to buy the book when it comes out :)”.

Julia Fox addressed the rumour it was a book about Kanye in the goblin mode Insta story. So much ground to cover!

And no I’m not writing a book about KW. Nor will I ever.

When I said “you’re going to have to buy the book” I was referring to a book I’ve been writing for the past year that I’ve spoken about many times.

Have a wonderful weekend.

While Julia Fox may not have said goblin mode, it’s still one of the standout internet phrases of the decade IMO. I stand by it.

According to inimitable internet wormhole Know Your Meme, the first known use of goblin mode was by Twitter user jenniferdujour in 2009.

They wrote: “M was in full hyperactive goblin mode last night. it was as if she ate a bag of sugar-coated candy, then washed it down with a few red bulls.”

And with that, goblin mode was born. If you don’t instinctively understand goblin mode, you never will. You cannot choose to go goblin. It is a state of being. It chooses you.

Since the whole fiasco, @meowmeowmeow has Tweeted about the fake headline’s impact. They will study this in schools, I’m telling you.

A glorious legacy, truly.


Scuttle forth, fellow goblins. Wreak havoc. Keep pronouncing film titles weirdly.