Chaos Queen Julia Fox Has Finally Given An Iconic Response To All Those ‘Uncuh Juhms’ Memes

Julia Fox saying Uncut Gems in Call Her Daddy podcast.

Julia Fox‘s absolutely iconic pronunciation of “uncut gems” has made it to TikTok memedom and now she’s finally spilled the tea behind it.

By now, you’ve probably come across random teens shouting “uncah jahrms” at each other for seemingly no reason in your TikTok feed, if not in real life.

The ridiculous phrase has taken the world by storm, to the point where I hear random staff members whispering it to themselves in the PEDESTRIAN office. You know who you are.

The “uncle jams” meme origin story is in a sound bite from the Call Her Daddy podcast, where Julia Fox was talking about muses. She said: “I was Josh Safdie‘s muse when he wrote Uncut Gems.” Except her pronunciation of Uncut Gems was a barely legible slurred mess.

Julia Fox has finally responded to the trend and honestly, what a relatable queen.

Page Six posted a compilation of “uncaaaah juhhmes” on Instagram, on which Julia commented: “Omggggg I was stoned leave me alone!!!! Hahahahahah.”

I didn’t even know who Julia Fox was before her break up with Kanye West, but I can already tell she’s an icon in the making.

I mean, first she posted (and then deleted) Instagram stories openly admitting she didn’t love Kanye and dated him for clout. Then she said she was never in love with him and that she hasn’t cried over a man since 1997.

And now she’s admitted being stoned in an interview, which threw her into worldwide fame.

This is the chaotic girl boss behaviour we deserve.