Gillard Calls Leadership Ballot Tonight; Not Even A Joke

It’s easy to become desensitized to the arsing-around-antics that froth from the putrid mouth that is Australian politics, of late. It’s sunk to such a sorrowful low point that when a day goes by where a predicted political “spill” doesn’t emerge from Canberra, something’s seriously up.  

So, really, it’s business as usual in Australian politics today. This afternoon on Sky News, Prime Minister Gillard has called another ballot for the leadership to take place at 7pm tonight. The caucus meeting will declare leadership positions vacant and ripe for the picking; Prime Minister Gillard claims she is confident of another victory (like her previous contests for Labor leadership: the 2010 election, along with the spills in February 2012 and March 2013). Minister for sport, Kate Lundy, was keen to declare that she would be supporting the Prime Minister in the ballot, “Proudly. Again.” 

After days of speculation and prediction surrounding the potential of yet another leadership spill, with energetic Rudd supporters acting as fervently as ever, Ms. Gillard is clearly sick of your shit, Rudd. Gillard, without naming names said, “This is it, tonight is the night.” The PM also brazenly claimed that whoever loses the ballot should retire from politics—herself included. So while the State of Origin gears up for its second match tonight, a far less adrenaline-inducing battle of Reds vs. Blue (ties) will be waging.

Via SMH.