Gangnam Styles Pips Bieber For Most Viewed YouTube Clip Ever

If YouTube views are anything to go by (and they probably aren’t) K-Pop Internet sensation turned pop culture phenomenon/human meme Park Jae-Sang aka Psy, is officially more watchable than another one-time star of YouTube, Justin Bieber, after the inexplicably popular “Gangnam Style” video has surpassed Bieber’s breakout hit “Baby” as the most viewed clip on the video-sharing platform.

At last count, the humble South Korean performer/Internet-breaker/something who describes himself as “just a fat man with two kids” has had over 820 Million views for “Gangnam Style”, smashing Bieber’s standing record for “Baby” (a paltry-by-comparison 804 Million views), as well as counting high profile sorts like Hugh Jackman and Mel B among his many fans.

Of course, many “Beliebers” and more general active trolls are less than pleased that Psy has surpassed Bieber’s record, with the comment section for both YouTube videos racking up some strong impassioned reactions from both camps.

On the “Gangnam Style” video:
Under the “Baby” clip:

Photos by Kim Jae-Hwan for AFP via Getty Images