‘Game Of Thrones’ Slip Reveals A Dead Character Might Be Back For S7 SPOILER WARNING FOR SEASON SIX  ‘Game Of Thrones’ Slip Reveals A Dead Character Might Be Back For S7

It’s that time of year again, folks. The time when nerds and dorks can put on their best detective caps and shine. When extreme ‘Game of Thrones‘ fans can meticulously scour the internet for clues about the upcoming season and report back, watching their findings spiral into headline news on websites like this one.

Happy GoT-Hunting Season, everyone!

An updated resume may have revealed a major spoiler in the upcoming Season 7 of ‘Game of Thrones’.

David Bradley, who plays Walder Frey (and of course, Argus Filch, who now that I think about it is basically the Harry Potter version of the cantankerous, bitter, and very much-in-the-way Lord Frey), might well be coming back to Westeros.

His United Artists agency resume now lists him as appearing in ‘Game of Thrones’ for seasons 1, 2, 6 and 7, which was spotted by the eagle eyes over at Watchers on the Wall.

The last time we saw Frey, however, Arya Stark had just slit his throat after feeding him a rather delicious pie stuffed with his own murdered sons.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Slip Reveals A Dead Character Might Be Back For S7

Which begs the question: how is he coming back?

  • ARYA STEALS HIS FACE. She learnt her tricks of the trade from the Faceless Men, and now she’s putting them to use. We all thought she was heading home to Winterfell, but what if she decides to hang around The Twins for a bit and rule the damn castle? She doesn’t know the war is over.
  • F-F-F-FLASHBACKS. And by ‘flashbacks’ we mean Brandon warging into some time before. TBH, not too sure *what* possible blast from the past Walder Frey is important to, but presumably there is one. Maybe Bran will warg to figure out just what a psychotic killer his older sister has become?
  • GENTLEMEN STONEHEART APPEARS. The show has thus far failed to deliver on the entire Lady Stoneheart character whatsoever, but it likes to tease us from time to time. Could we instead be seeing a zombie Walder Frey as some kind of penance? Both characters had their throat slit, remember, but tbh, this is the least likely scenario. Lady Stoneheart ends up leading the Brotherhood Without Banners, who’re enemies of Walder Frey’s allies, the Lannisters.
  • HE PLAYS HIS OWN CORPSE. Maybe S7 picks up right after S6 left off, and Frey’s body needs to be discovered. (And speaking of, I wonder what the kitchen looks like. Gruesome, hopefully.) Maybe there’s a funeral scene. Maybe Frey’s last remaining kid (there’s gotta be at least one, right?) dances around the body in joy that, against all odds, they inherit The Twins, throwing in interesting plot point that someone new gets to decide where House Frey’s loyalties lie. It’s sitting on some prime real estate, after all.
  • A STRAIGHT-UP FLASHBACK. Don’t do this. David, D.B. – you’re better that this.

Game of Thrones S7 is expected to premiere sometime in the middle of the year. We’ve got time to mull this over.

Photo: HBO.