‘Game Of Thrones’ Releases Official Pics From Leaked Ep ‘Beyond The Wall’

HBO, in-between playing whack-a-mole with leaked versions of next week’s Game of Thrones, have released the official images for said episode, which now has a name: ‘Beyond The Wall‘.

A warning before we go ahead: I personally haven’t watched the new episode yet, so any theories posited below are based purely off the pics provided and not major spoilers for the episode. Basically: these aren’t spoilers unless I’m proven correct. Proceed at will.

First we have Jon, looking a bit out of breath and overwhelmingly handsome (as always).

Then we’ve got Tormund, Jon, Jorah, Thoros  and Gendry, looking like they’re about to find some incredible backcountry skiing.

Tormund, back on his home turf and probably thinking about the Big Woman. Either that or he’s come face-to-face with something from his past. His face looks too soft to be staring out at the army of the dead.

But not for long! Here’s the Magnificent Seven (which I’ve also seen referred to as the Fellowship of the Snow, incredible stuff), getting ready to cut down some dead men. L-R that’s Jorah, Jon and Tormund, and bloody hell I hope they all make it through.

Jon, ready for battle, holding Longclaw high.

BERIC DONDARRION WITH HIS FLAMING SWORD. Honestly, this is going to be one of those ‘scream at the TV’ moments.

South of the wall, things aren’t looking great, either. First up: Brienne and Sansa, who’s reading something important. Too big to be a raven scroll – reports of the dwindling food supplies at Winterfell, perhaps? It would be weird for HBO to include the prop in the official teaser pics if it wasn’t significant, so I’d say this throws some spanner in the works.

Something brews between the Stark sisters…. Sansa looks concerned, and Arya looks like she’s adding another name to her list.

Here’s Tyrion and Dany, looking like the only two warm people in the entirety of the north. Looks like whatever chat they needed to work out after ‘Eastwatch‘ is happening.

And finally, we have this insanely epic shot of Tyrion and Dany walking between two of the dragons. We know it’s expensive as shit to render dragons, so there must be some reason for this scene other than the aesthetics.


Tyrion is the only character outside of Dany and Jon to actually touch and show affinity for the dragons, so this episode could explore his possible, oft-theorised Targaryen heritage.

It’s just a few days more to wait, mates – unless you, like literal thousands, have already seen the episode.