‘Game Of Thrones’ Casts First Season 7 Actor & It’s Professor Slughorn

We are officially in unknown territory now, folks.

Game of Thrones‘ has cast its first actor for the upcoming seventh season, and it’s none other than Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent, a.k.a. Professor Slughorn from ‘Harry Potter‘ (and the dad from ‘Bridget Jones‘ and the brothel owner from ‘Moulin Rouge‘).

So who is he playing, exactly? HBO declined to comment, choosing only to reveal to EW that his role is “significant”.

Reddit‘s #1 guess at the moment is Maester Marwyn, an as-yet-unseen character in the TV series who literally wrote the book on ancient magic (including dragons). He was last seen in the books in ‘A Feast for Crows‘, telling Samwell Tarly that he was travelling to meet Daenerys Targaryen, leading to bulk internet theories that he’s gonna show up as her advisor. 

Daenerys for her part first learnt about Marwyn from Mirri Maz Duur, the woman she saved from being raped in Season 1 and later burned at the pyre for tricking into murdering her own baby. (Wow, how fucked up is this series?)

And check out this character description for Marwyn:

“Marwyn has a thick neck and a strong jaw. He is short and squat with enormous hands, a thick chest and a hard ale-belly. He has white hair coming out of his nose and ears. His nose has been broken more than once and his teeth are stained red.[2] His ring, rod and mask are made of Valyrian steel.” [Source]

Sound familiar?

Obviously all we *actually* know about this season so far is that it’ll be shorter than previous seasons, and a bloody huge number of main characters won’t be there, because they’re dead.

However, Maisie Williams – who plays Arya Stark – tweeted after reading the script that “nothing will prepare you for this”.

Can’t freaking wait.

Photo: Harry Potter.