FYI: T-Swift Bailed On VMAs Because She Had Jury Duty, Not To Avoid Kanye

When Taylor Swift tersely told press that she would not be attending the MTV Video Music Awards yesterday, Swfities were obvi devastated, but the rest of us just kind of nodded and went ‘well, that makes sense’. 

Swift had a fair amount of people to avoid at that ceremony – let’s run through them, shall we?
  • And Taylor certainly didn’t want to be in the audience at the VMAs considering that MTV had given Kanye West 4 minutes on stage to do ‘whatever he wanted’.

    Seeing as Ye to chose to do one of his infamous Kanye rants – during which he called out to his ex Amber Rose in the crowd – there’s no wonder Tay would have wanted to remove herself from the situation completely. 

    And she had every right to be concerned in that regard – Ye did mention the ‘Famous‘ lyric, saying ‘THAT’S WHY I CALLED HER!’ during the speech

It turns out that Tay ain’t scared, and she wasn’t avoiding the VMAs for awkward reasons – the poor gal had jury duty. 
The other jurors posted videos and selfies with her inside the juror’s quarters (which, we’re pretty sure, isn’t allowed for non-celebrities) and posted them to Twitter, boasting about the best jury duty in the world:

All in all, jury duty might legitimately be the best excuse in the world. Ya girl pulled a Swift one. 
Source: Twitter / @annaclare15.