The One Where Friends Fans Are Bloody Pissed About This One Aspect Of The Reunion Trailer

HBO Max dropped the almighty Friends Reunion trailer yesterday and punters were loving every single bit of it, except for this oneeeeeeee aspect: James Corden. Yep, James fucking Corden, or how I usually like to refer to him: J*mes C*rden.

Last week, after the release of the sneaky teaser clip, a list of guest stars was unveiled, revealing that former Friends cast members, other than the main six, will be popping up throughout the reunion (some of whom appeared in the trailer), but also, a bunch of randos like Lady Gaga (?), David Beckham (??) and Justin Bieber (???).

But as random as those last three are, at least they’re not (totally) problematic. Why the fresh fuck is James Corden gonna be there?

Who invited you, sir?

Could fans BE more pissed? Nah, mate. They really couldn’t.

Punters have taken to Twitter to call out HBO Max for inviting James Corden when they should’ve had, I dunno, Gunther asking questions. Mr. Heckles maybe. Even Rachel’s grumpy crackpot of a dad. Literally anyone but J*mes C*rden.

In case you’re wondering when the hell Friends host James Corden (ugh, even typing that mad me gag) became problematic, have a read of our detailed yarn here for more.

Following the epic ousting of Ellen DeGeneres, loads of folks have pointed out that she’s not the only dicey talkshow host out there, including comedian Eric Andre who addressed Ellen’s downfall in an explosive interview with Vanity Fair where he says that he “never thought she was nice.”

He went on to spill the beans on James Corden, opining that his reputation will probs take a hit next.

“Is that what cancel culture’s devolved to? ‘That guy’s not nice!’ James Corden is fucked if that’s the only criteria to get called out,” Andre said. “James Corden and Lorne Michaels are screwed! They’re trembling in their fucking boots.”

Following this interview, tea-spilling Instagram page Deux Moi has been sent a crazy amount of DMs from followers with not-so-nice stories about the Brit. (Editor’s note: Deux Moi is an Instagram account that shares messages sent from fans featuring alleged stories from followers).

One anonymous user called him an “asshole” and claimed that one time at the Met Gala, Corden threw his jacket on the floor “and just… left it.”

Then when she picked it up for him and told him he needed to check it, he responded, “Someone will handle it.”

This is not the first time his reputation as a not-so-nice guy has come out as in January 2020, he admitted that he acted like “a brat” during the height of his fame after rumours began to circulate about him.

But anyway, on to happier things, have another watch of the Friends reunion and just try to forget that old mate is in it: