The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Is Copping A Dark & Gritty Reboot Based On Viral Fan-Made Trailer

Iconic ’90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is copping a reboot via Universal TV and Westbrook Studios, the production company owned by OG star Will Smith, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But get this, the reboot was inspired by a fan-made trailer from 2019, which reimagined the show as a gritty and compelling drama.

The video, created by a man named Morgan Cooper, amassed more than 7.5 million views on YouTube, and ultimately caught Will Smith’s attention.

Check out the trailer, which Smith described as “brilliant”, below:

Smith is now teaming up with Cooper to adapt the original sitcom into a drama series called Bel-Air.

Cooper is said to be co-writing the script with Chris Collins, who worked as a story editor on The Wire and a production co-ordinator on The Sopranos.

The OG series ran for six seasons between 1990 and 1996 and is currently streaming on Netflix.