Watch This Miniature ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Reunion

This is the story all about how Will Smith and his shetland scion Jaden appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote a futuristic M. Night Shyamalan movie through the ancient arts of song, dance and nineties nostalgia. 

It’s not just the story of Mr. and Mini Me Smith’s cringe-inducing father-son emceeing – each successive ‘hello’ making you want to shake Jaden upside down by the ankles even more than you thought possible, or legal – it’s also a miniature televised seventeen year reunion of Señor Smith with the available representatives from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air cast, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro; the latter of the two crawling out from underneath a lurid cable-knit sweater to perform once more the Carlton dance. 
Heather Graham had the best time since Bowfinger.

via Gawker