PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Jacob's Creek Le Petit Rosé to get your fashionable self right where it needs to be.

Fancy yourself a trendsetter? A fashion connoisseur? The type of human who actually wakes up more than five minutes before they have to leave the house so they can craft their look, instead of rolling out of bed and grabbing the first clean things they can find?

I may firmly be in the latter camp, but I still have a big ol’ soft spot for fashion despite my lack of morning awareness. So I can absolutely get behind the trendsetters when the excitement hits for Australian fashion’s biggest industry event of the year.

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (or VAMFF) is upon us and we want you to go so badly that we’re slinging five double passes to lucky fashion fans to see Runway 7 Presented by Grazia & Icon supported by Revlon and Priceline Pharmacy, on Saturday 9th March at 8.30pm.


All you have to do is tell us above in 25 words or less: what’s your favourite occasion to drink rosé? It could be while sitting at a picnic in the sun, or as you’re waiting in a fancy lounge to board an aeroplane to Europe (we wish). Five lucky folk will have the chance to score entry, and frankly we’re all exceedingly jealous.

Not only will you be essentially swanning around VAMFF like a boss, you’ll also be in the vicinity of VAMFF’s special guest supermodel, body positivity icon and all-time incredible human, Ashley Graham. And honestly, that’s enough for us to be keen – just for a peep at the legend herself.

You’ll obviously be treated to full access to the Plaza, where you can wander your dolled up self past activations from Priceline, Mercedes, VisaDavid Jones and more (yes pls, gimme that). The best part though, is the complimentary rosé that you’ll be sippin’ before the runway show thanks to Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rosé.

WIN: Get Free Passes For You And A Mate To See VAMFF Lewks Firsthand

Seriously, picture this: you’re there in your finest, most ‘grammable get-up. People are eyeing you off wondering who you are coz you just look so important, you get to sip some delicious plonk and you wind up watching a runway show.

Oh and did we mention that you’ll also be able to check out the rest of the festival’s fashion on the big screen at the Le Petit Rosé activation? You know, after you’ve taken a cheeky pic at the rose wall (rosé in hand, naturally).

It’s a hard life, right?

Image: Ashley Graham