Even Tyra Banks Absolutely Lost It Over Miss Universe’s ‘Lava Walk’

miss universe

In case you missed it, Australian-born Catriona Gray was recently crowned Miss Universe 2018.

Since winning the famous pageant, the 24-year-old, who represented the Philippines, has been catapulted into the global spotlight. But, asides from taking out the top spot, Catriona’s caught the internet’s attention for another reason: her killer runway walk.

Dubbed the ‘lava walk’, Twitter is going apeshit over her insanely fluid and sassy catwalk moves, including spins and enviably good hair flicks.

I, for one, am honest to god hypnotised by it. Check out Catriona’s swim and evening wear strut here:

In fact, Catriona’s walk is so good that supermodel alum Tyra Banks weighed in to congratulate the contestant’s technique.

[jwplayer WN6Q3XAn]

“I mean…Pinoy Power to the Max!!!” wrote Tyra after seeing the footage.


Catriona, who is obviously a big Tyra fan, then responded, “OMG” followed by the crying and heart eye emoji.

But this mutual fangirling ain’t over yet, with the Next Top Model icon throwing some more compliments into the ring:

“And OMG back at YOU! You did it! And that walk and confidence? I mean…NEXT LEVEL FIERCE!!! TyTy approves.”


Seriously, who knew Twitter could be such a wholesome place?

Fellow model and Miss Universe host, Ashley Graham, has also given Catriona a shout out on her Instagram stories, writing “Congratulations [to the] Philippines. You’re so beautiful and you deserve the crown.”

Catriona was crowned Miss Universe less than a week after Miss Australia contestant, Francesca Hung, was involved in a “racist” video scandal with Miss USA, Sarah Summers.

Hung has since commented on the ordeal, admitting that the scandal could’ve impacted her ability to win the pageant.

Yes. Nobody would tell you if it did, however in the days leading up to the final I kinda processed in my head that it could perhaps have a negative affect on my placement,” she told The Morning Show earlier this week.

“I’ll never know if it did or not, but I made top 20 and I’m happy with that.”