They say that fashion has no rules, and the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (or VAMFF for all you farshun types out there) absolutely knows this.

When you think ‘runway model’, you probably wouldn’t think about your mum, right? Well don’t forget what I just said about the “rules” of fashion because Australian model Lou Kenny absolutely knocked it out of the park on Premium Runway One for Vogue Australia‘s big show last night.
Lou received raucous applause as she walked in what folks are calling ~advanced style~, and tbh one can only hope to look this stunning at the age of 58. Ooft.
The inclusion of an older model in a Vogue runway show also proves that you can look good at literally any age. So stuff what people say, wear what you want, whenever you want.
Hell yeah, Lou. You do you, girl.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: Getty Images / Sam Tabone.