The Independent Spirit Awards are underway in Los Angeles today—a relatively forgotten addition to the madness that is awards season, and grossly overshadowed by tomorrow’s main event, The Oscars

Nevertheless, though, The Independent Spirit Awards showcase and praise a huge variety of independent talent and creativity, the sect of American cinema where stars and directors often make their biggest breaks. The award show was today hosted by Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell, whose opener included a flawless spoof of Alejandro González Iñárritu‘s incredibly spoof-able film and Oscar favourite, ‘Birdman

Armisen takes on Michael Keating’s self-absorbed, tortured washed-up artist role, Bell recreates Emma Stone‘s infamous DGAF glares, and Adam Scott and Bill Hader join in for kicks. The spoof also makes reference to JK Simmons‘ fiery’Whiplash’ speech, and calls out Portlandia’s tragically meagre offerings. Watch below.

And while we’re here, this ‘Birdman’ spoof is perhaps just as, or if not more, important – featuring Big Bird and his long-time puppeteer and voice actor,  Caroll Spinney. BLESS. 

Via Huffington Post