Panic! At The Disco Re-Emerge From 2006 To Spoof Out A Christmas Tuna

Last time I heard Panic! At The Disco was in 2006 when I recorded myself singing I Write Sins Not Tragedies to prove to my Mum I was a great singer; to prove I could be the next Cosima De Vito.

In hindsight, my voice is about as pleasant as the sound of diarrhoea hitting porcelain, and after my sister got her filthy mitts on the recording and played it to my extended family (all of whom laughed hysterically), I shunted all things Panic! At The Disco to the very darkest recesses of my mind.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I heard the Las Vegas-based troupe had released a Christmas song. They just released it. As in, today. In the year 2017.

Either the boys have been rocking on for the past decade unbeknownst to me, or this is completely and utterly out of the blue.

Either way, give ‘Feels Like Christmas‘ a listen:

With lyrics like ‘Santa, baby, please be fast / Joy to the world and all that jazz’ underscored by a boppity beat that just won’t quit, this is one festive jingle sure to either get you jiving uncontrollably, or wishing you could throw your ears off a bridge.

It’s no ‘Last Christmas’, but it’s happy and positive, and that’s worth something this time of year.

While it’s not currently available to stream on Spotify, you can download the merry jingle for free here. Now that’s the Christmas spirit.