‘Flirty Dancing’ Is A Blind Dating Show W/ Choreographed Routines & Fuck, It’s Mesmerising

Want your cold, usually-dormant heart to feel something again? Keen to remind yourself that you’re capable of feeling anything other than horniness and weekly existential crises? Well, please, look no further than Flirty Dancing, one of the most joyous UK dating shows that happens to exist on this planet Earth.

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Flirty Dancing is a blind dating show in which romantic hopefuls separately learn choreography to a dance, only to meet for the first time when they perform the routine together.

The program, which is heading into its second season, has received some much-deserved attention over the past day or so after going absolutely viral on Twitter… primarily thanks to this routine below. Garry and Ryan, take it away, you beautiful, beautiful souls.


The joy in their faces. Their piercing eye contact with one another. Their sheer elation as they conclude the piece. I’m actually crying.

This clip achieved so much viral success that host (and absolute snacc of a human) Ashley Banjo shared his gratitude. “When I watch Gary and Ryan dance it absolutely reaffirms to me that love is love!”

Although we aren’t sure if Garry and Ryan remain an item today, some trusty internet sleuths downloaded the episode and found that they’d gone on a few dates after their sacred dance.


Now, let’s cry some more together, shall we? Here’s example number 2, with the help of John Legend‘s “All of Me” (yes, I know, it’ll having you fucking sobbing in under 2 seconds flat).

BRB, this is me for the next 7 hours…