Sometimes the planets and stars align to make a perfect moment in time, in this week’s instance, it’s knowing that Fleetwood Mac invited the staff from McDonald’s in Fleetwood – or Fleetwood Maccas – to their sold out show at Wembley Stadium.

As per NME, all the Dreams came true for the hard worker’s at Maccas in the small seaside town of Fleetwood in the Lancashire area of England, when they were personally invited by the band to head along to their very sold-out show in London.

It all apparently began when someone/a classic british banter page created a Facebook event in an attempt to get Stevie Nicks, in all her witchy mum glory, to pull a shift at Fleetwood’s Maccas.

The online petition picked up some serious steam, hit a whopping 20k signatures, and instead of Stevie donning the grill apron, she instead took the whole team to her work.

I mean could you even imagine going into a Maccas and having Stevie Nicks, top hat, draped lace and all, ask if you’d like a Coke for a drink? It’s a glorious mental image.

After the show, both of the Mac gangs met and took a perfect photo, and now balance has been restored to the universe.

I still wanna see Stevie Nicks pulling two baskets of fries while managing a drive through rush though.

Image: Facebook / McDonald's Fleetwood