Fitzy & Wippa Dress Their Producer As Horse To Perform ‘Pony’ For Ginuwine

Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, only better known by his stage name Ginuwine, will never produce a song as catchy or ~iconic~ as 1996’s ‘Pony’.
Currently touring Australia (?), the R&B star stopped into the NOVA 96.9 studio for a chat with legends Fitzy & Wippa.
If you weren’t aware, every Friday the boys rope in their show’s producer, Tommy, to perform a rendition of various music sensations i.e. Rebecca Black’s heinous hit ‘Friday’.
This week, in honour of G’s visit, they deck him out in a pony costume (with a head that looks like it weighs a tonne BTW) to perform ‘Pony’ in front the great man himself. 
Judging his attempts were some baby pigs, a lamb and a chicken that tried desperately to escape.
Oh, and Ginuwine.
The results are LOL.

MVP goes to Ginuwine who, when asked what he thought of Tommy’s inspired performance, deadpans: “I never want to see that again.”
Via NOVA 96.9.