Fitzy Loses ‘Physical Altercation’, Gains Bieber Anecdote

Fitzy – of ‘& Wippa‘ fame – has claimed he was involved in a physical altercation with famous youth Justin Bieber whilst backstage Acca/Dacca at Coachella.

He relayed the story on-air, beginning with: “I was running around, jumping around.”

The complete non-story (yet here we all are) then escalates from ‘middle-aged man has beers and jumps around’ to: “I’m on my phone, right, I’m walking with my head down and my backpack on. I’d had a few beers. I look up and it’s just a wall … of huge black guys. And down the front was this little dweeb.”

Fitzy reckons at this point he tries to sneak past the singer, but Bieber was having none of it – “he put his hands out and pushed into my side” – and so old mate Fitz, needing to retaliate and having heard of both sticks and stones, threw out a “you’re kidding yourself mate, I’m twice the size of you”.

Unfortunately for Fitzy diminutive pop-stars are rarely without accompanying massive units: “I sort of leaned into him and these huge guys just grabbed me by the backpack and have just thrown me into the fence on the side.”