Faux Wes Anderson Overload

Ever heard of the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”? The same goes for Wes Anderson. In the last five years few filmmakers have been affectionately ripped off, imitated or homaged more than Wes Anderson and it’s gone too far.

One Wes was special. One Wes was unique. One Wes can provide us with enough emotionally flawed characters ripe with quirk and dry wit, soundtracked with Seventies folk tunes , all titled in Futura Bold. Now everyone with a web cam and a Paul Simon record is having a go at Wes Andersonising whatever they can get their re-appropriating mitts on.

Some attempts at Andersonising have been pretty nice:

Some are just random shite accompanied by a Kinks songs and some yellow screen text:

Even Anderson himself has joined in with some self-imitation:

But the parodies have become so regular it’s turning into a Wayans brothers-like carnival of Andersonian crap. Imitation is the most serious form of flattery (after stalking) but it’s time to pull in the reins, because there’s some stuff that just can’t be improved on.