Facebook Reveals What Aussies Cared Most About in 2014

Hey Australia, Facebook is watching everything you do and taking note of everything you share, and it knows you better than you know yourself. Creepy? Sure, a little bit. A source of some fascinating insight? Definitely
Today, the site has released a list of the topics most shared by Australians in 2014. These are the stories that gripped and inspired you, that inspired droll witticisms and / or furious rants in comments threads.
The death of beloved comedian really Robin Williams touched a nerve this year – enough to make him the number one item on the list, as people shared their sadness about his passing.
We as a nation also couldn’t get enough of hanging shit on Tony Abbott, sharing Ice Bucket Challenge videos and endlessly disscusing who did what gross thing to whom on Game Of Thrones. 
Here are the things you gave a shit about in 2014:
And because lists are fun, here are the Top 10 most checked-into places in the country:
1. Darling Harbour, Sydney
2. Sydney Opera House
3. Melbourne Cricket Ground
4. Sydney Harbour
5. Taronga Zoo
6. Warner Bros. Movie World, Gold Coast
7. Sea World, Gold Coast
8. South Bank, Brisbane
9. Dreamworld, Gold Coast
10. Surfers Paradise

Photo: Cole Bennetts via Getty Images