The Internet Is Wondering If 2010s Icon Enrique Iglesias Ever ~Could~ Sing After Viral New Clips

Over the past few weeks, fans of 2010s pop icon Enrique Iglesias have been posting bizarre videos of the singer appearing to be … unable to sing.

Many of the clips have since gone viral so let’s figure out the truth: Has a cat currently got his tongue or could he not sing this entire time?

One of the most popular vids doing the rounds is sitting at 8.3 million views and compares Iglesias’ current tone of voice to that of Mickey Mouse.

Take a look for yourself and see if you agree…

Another clip that has caught the attention of the algorithm is this next one.

Here, Iglesias is accused of sounding like another children’s character, Elmo. Poor guy just can’t catch a break.

TBH, after listening to this clip, that comparison is probably more offensive to Elmo.

Iglesias must be aware of his current run of poor form, because another person uploaded a video where he didn’t do a lick of singing and instead got the crowd to sing his song for him.

The upload is captioned “Enrique Iglesias came to get a concert from us.”


People then began digging into the archives to suss out whether it was always like this.

They were shocked to find even more, historical clips of his shoddy live performances.

Interestingly though, the commenters seem to be giving Iglesias the benefit of the doubt.

One asked, “Maybe he sings better in Spanish than English”.

Another added, “sounds good to me”, before a third chimed in with, “I see nothing wrong?”.

Iglesias is currently travelling across the US and Canada with Pitbull and Ricky Martin with a project called The Trilogy Tour.

Luckily for fans of Latin pop music, even if Enrique sucks, Pitbull and Ricky Martin are there to save the day which isn’t something you ever think you’ll write about Pitbull.