‘Bondi Hipsters’ Dude Connor Van Vuuren Made A Video With Wyclef Jean


On half of the directing/writing team behind ‘Bondi Hipsters’ and ‘Soulmates’, Connor Van Vuuren, has made a music video with Wyclef Jean and Russian/Dominican/Aussie artist Fantine, who has some serious SEO opposition.

According to Connor the clip is all about the objectification of women in advertising and required Fantine to stay perfectly still for long periods of time, while they played a game of stacks on with designer goods: “She fainted twice : I”

The song also features El Cata who, to those uninitiated with Dominican rappers, may appear to be Pitbull Lite, but is actually a songwriter and producer who has worked with superstars like Gloria Estefan, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira and Pitbull.