Em Rata Hinted In A TikTok That Her Eric Andre Fling Is Over & Goofy Men Are Ready To Pounce

Em Rata

It’s taken me several cups of hot tea to even process the Eric Andre/ Em Rata nude pic, let alone their entire relationship and now it appears they’ve already called their fling quits.

The rumour comes after Rata posted a rather delicious TikTok (her lipgloss is from Rhode BTW) saying that the best way to get over a fling, is to have another one. Wise words from a wise woman. I personally won’t be taking on that advice though, as doing that has always ended up with me looking quite desperate and sad. But kudos to you Em Rata for doing it without embarrassing yourself and crying in the club because you miss him.


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Celebrities on TikTok are my favourite thing, because they cut out the media middle man and deliver us the tea straight to our door step. We love an open queen.

Of course, this isn’t really confirming or denying anything about her sitch with Eric Andre. But if I was petty (which I am) and I just ended a situationship, I would probably post a cryptic social media post about it too.

It also seems that Andre is already back on celebrity dating app, Raya. So make of that what you will.

This TikTok of course comes after the infamous nude pic that Eric Andre posted a mere three days ago and I alluded to in my opening paragraph (really testing your reading comprehension skills hehe), which you can read about here.

God this is very bad timing for me personally, because I’ve just ordered several mugs, t-shirts and mouse pads from Officeworks of that photo and the caption “sorrrrry mommy, sorry dadddyyy” — so I’m quite embarrassed right now.

I hope for the sake of my precious merchandise that they are still together, but if not that’s ok too. A couple of weeks might seem like not much time for a couple to be dating BUT it’s called a fling for a reason, and the nature of it is to be intense and fast. They are fun, but not designed to last.

Both Em Rata and Eric Andre are living their best lives right now, so how bloody dare they be single in their 30s — that is simply grotesque and repulsive???

Goofy men, this is your moment. Go get those girlies.

Goofy women (me), ummm, I got some bad news.