Huh: Eric André And Em Rata Are Apparently Dating & I’m As Equally Confused As I Am Turned On

Eric André

If you put a gun to my head and asked me which two celebrities I’d want to repopulate the Earth, I’d hands down say Eric André and Emily Ratajkowski. Her looks plus his sense of humour would create a generation of children so strong they could take down even the most powerful AI (yes, sorry I’ve been planning a lot in my head how we will combat AI when it takes over).

Well, looks like I’ve accidentally manifested them dating with all this dooms day thinking — because the pair have been caught smooching (!) and holding hands (!!) in the Cayman Islands (!!!). André and Ratajkowski were papped by Page Six, and according to a source close to the pair, it’s a fun FWB sitch. Wow I wish my FWB was a comedian or a model, just kidding I don’t have a FWB.

“It seemed like a fun friends-with-benefits situation,” the source told PageSix.

“They hung out at the bar, drinking cocktails and chatting with everyone. They just seemed really happy and relaxed together.”

While Em Rata and Eric André dating might seem odd, it’s not. Funny people get bitches. Say it with me: “funny people get bitches”. Now, say that five times in the mirror before you head out tonight, and I guarantee you’ll be feeling way more confident about yourself.

We’ve seen it with Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher, Eddie Murphy and basically all of his wives, Jerry Seinfeld and that 17-year old (JUST KIDDING THAT WAS GROSS). But you get the picture.

Also, let me also mention that this whole fascination with hot women and funny men dating is kind of stupid. Most of these men are not hideous slime people, they are actually all good looking themselves. Not only that, but beautiful women aren’t some ethereal creature, deserving of no one but the gods. They are just normal people.

In fact, a lot of them are charming and funny in their own right like Isla Fisher and yes, Em Rata too.

So I guess the lesson here, is that if you’re a decent person who can make people feel comfortable and happy by using your sense of humour — then you’re naturally going to find connections with other people.

Em Rata and Eric André, we love to see it.