Elliot Page’s Character Comes Out As Trans In Umbrella Academy S3 And June Can’t Come Sooner

elliot page umbrella academy viktor hargreeves

In some truly them-riffic news, Elliot Page’s Umbrella Academy character will come out as transgender in season 3.

Page revealed on Twitter on Wednesday his character will go by Viktor Hargreeves in the new season. He shared a screenshot of Viktor sitting at a diner with what looks like his sister Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman).

Page’s character’s transition is a lovely nod to his own trans-masc identity. The Juno actor came out in December 2020.

Employees behind Netflix’s LGBTQIA+ social channel “Most” echoed Page’s news. They retweeted his tweet and said it felt good to say Elliot Page was playing a trans-masc character.

My Chemical Romance singer and creator of the Umbrella Academy comics Gerard Way celebrated the news in an Instagram post too.

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It might seem like a minor detail to some. But seeing a trans actor’s character go through a similar journey to them is quite special.

It’s an amazingly simple example of trans representation. Especially since it seemed like Netflix let Elliot Page be the one to share it.

LGBTQIA+ fans of the show celebrated the news on Twitter.

“Elliot Page and Viktor Hargreeves mean so much to me,” said one fan.

“I cannot even put it into words.”

Another noted they cried when they read the news.

It’s unclear whether Viktor’s transition will be a major arc for him this season. But I think it being a casual mention at the beginning of the season fits with the show. Klaus’ (Robert Sheehan) sexuality in season two was quickly acknowledged then accepted by his brother Diego (David Castañeda).

Diego didn’t care that Klaus was in love with another man. He was just happy his brother found someone special in his life.

Netflix’s Umbrella Academy returns on June 22nd.