Stupidly Hot Werewolf Sidekick Dylan O’Brien Spilled About Why He’s Not In The Teen Wolf Movie

Dylan O’Brien explained why he won’t be in Paramount +’s Teen Wolf The Movie and I’m howling in sadness. Dylan please let me wipe my tears away on your gorgeous head.

In an interview with Variety Dylan O’Brien called it a “difficult” decision.

Sure, I can see that it’s difficult for you Dylan. But spare a moment for the Tumblr gif makers just waiting for new Stiles Stilinksi footage.

“A lot went into it,” he said.

“The show couldn’t be more dear to me. It was the first thing I ever did and so many people there are extremely dear to me.”

He also gave a bit of goss into the film’s development.

“It was something I was trying to make work but it all happened very fast,” he said.

“We didn’t really know that it was happening and they kind of just threw it at us a little bit, which is fine because we all love the show.

“We were trying to figure it out.”

Inchresting. Dyl did say he was still supportive of the film though. Fingers crossed we’ll get some red carpet pics of him and Tyler Hoechlin (Sterek girlies, I got you).

“Ultimately, I just decided it was left in a really good place for me and I still want to leave it there,” Dylan said.

“I wish them well and I’m going to watch it the first night it comes out. I hope it fucking kicks ass, but I’m not going to be in it.”

Dylan O’Brien’s not the only actor to bow out of the reboot. Arden Cho played Kira Yukimura on the show and was the only series regular actress of colour.

Sources told Deadline in February that Cho was allegedly only offered half of the per-ep salary of the other three female leads.

Dylan and Arden seem to have a good relo too. According to Buzzfeed, he liked this Tweet about Arden turning down the role.

She also Tweeted calling him a “good one”.

Let’s be real, Stiles and Kira were both truly highlights of the show.

Other members of Teen Wolf The Movie have been confirmed including Tyler Posey as the titular teen wolf Scott McCall and Crystal Reed, who played Allison Argent.

This is very mysterious to me, known Teen Wolf fan, because Allison died in season three. Will we be seeing ghosties perhaps?

Colton HaynesHolland Roden, Shelley Henning and Linden Ashby will all be returning. Ashby plays Dylan’s character Stiles’ dad.

Maybe we’ll get a cutaway to Stiles living his best life working for NASA with a werewolf boyfriend? A girl can dream.