Today in American Horror Story news, daddy – I mean Dylan McDermott posted a picture of himself with Evan Peters as the ginormous cast and crew continue to create whatever madness the upcoming eighth season shall bring.

Apocalypse, being a crossover between the first season (Murder House) and third season (Coven) means a lot of our original stars are making a comeback.

Just last weekend show co-creator Ryan Murphy dropped our first look at mum and dad, Connie Britton and McDermottwho play Vivien and Ben Harmon, respectively.

Yesterday, Murphy posted a picture confirming Ghost Tate Langdon was back in an Instagram captioned “Tate, Happy to be Home”. Earlier this month during the Television Critics Association, it was announced Peters would be directing an episode of season eight however we’re yet to know which one.

Now, we have this:

Old demonic times, indeed.

Tate’s demon-baby will also be in the eighth season, however this time he’s all grown up and will be played by Cody Fern. Last time we caught a glimpse of demon boy, Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange) was looking after him.

Speaking of which, Lange will be making a beautiful comeback as will Taissa Farmiga (Zoe), Gabourey Sidibe (Queenie), Lily Rabe (Misty), Frances Conroy (Myrtle), and Stevie Nicks (herself, the white witch).

Farmiga will be double timing it as both Zoe and Violet Harmon. 

*Breathes in* Kathy Bates, Adina Porter, Cheyenne Jackson, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, and Billie Lourd will also star.

The brilliant Sarah Pulson also returns as three characters by the names of Billie Dean Howard, the Supreme witch Cordelia Foxx, and terrifying lotto lady Ms. Wilhemina Venable. Not to overachieve or anything but Pulson will direct an episode – the same one Lange will make her return in as confirmed by AHS. 

I’m sure I’ve forgotten at least ten names – Emma Roberts, she’s also back as Madison Montgomery. 

Apocalypse will hit FX on September 12.

Image: Twitter / Dylan McDermott