This Woman Enjoying Driveway Drinks Is Kath Day-Knight’s Fkn Doppleganger, So Look At Moi

driveway drinks

If you needed more proof that life imitates art, please take a moment to appreciate this Friday night drinks session at a local retirement village that looks straight out of Kath & Kim.

The Forsyth Gardens retirement village held “a street party with a difference” to help keep the community spirit alive amid the ongoing coronavirus self-isolation requirements.

Local resident Susan Moss captured the footage of the residents enjoying each other’s company from the comfort of their own driveways.

“We are just a bunch of oldies, enjoying each other’s company with social distance,” she said, according to Australia All Over. “We all took our own drinks and nibbles and enjoyed the music played on Trish’s old record player. Very relaxing.”

Naturally, the internet went wild for this wholesome content, with over 800 shares and 675,000 views in a matter of days.

But it’s not the casual afternoon drinks that had everyone obsessed with Susan’s footage. No, it was one woman in particular who managed to perfectly encapsulate *that* Kath and Kim scene. You know the one.

I mean, look at the resemblance. It’s uncanny.

kath and kim

The hair, the pose, the pink top, the crossed leg. This woman basically is Kath Day-Knight.

It’s unclear whether the unnamed resident is aware of her newfound internet fame, but everyone is fucking obsessed with her.

Meanwhile, it looks like the residents of the Forsyth Gardens Retirement Village seem to just be stoked to be enjoying the last little bit of sunshine with a few cheeky wines in the driveway.

“We all enjoyed it so much we will be keeping it going while the weather holds,” Susan said.

“If we can do it I am sure you can find a way too! Stay home stay safe and healthy everyone.”

I simply must know who this woman is. She needs her own reality TV show, like… right now.