This Couple’s Kath & Kel Costumes Are The Foxiest Outfits This Side Of Fountain Gate

Afternoon, Kath & Kim stans and allies. Thanks so much for coming to this emergency team meeting at such short notice. It’s just, you simply need to see this Sydney couple’s Kath and Kel outfits. Like, if Fountain Gate had its own Louvre, the following images would be in place of the Mona Lisa – they’re that noice. Long story short, I’m an absolute hornbag for their efforts and you will be, too.

Sam and his partner dressed up as Australia’s royal couple for a 21st, which had the theme ‘I shouldn’t be here’.

“Our answer was ‘we should be keeping ourselves trim in Fountain Lakes’,” Sam told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “We’ve been binge watching Kath and Kim for months and always quote it so it was an easy choice to make.”


When it came time to source the outfits, they found that no online costumes truly gave Kath and Kel justice. “We couldn’t find any costumes online so we had to get creative!” Sam says.”We bought the Noosa singlet in Noosa on our recent holiday, and Kel’s shorts/socks from Kmart… we bought Kath’s jacket and wig from a costume store online and the leotard/bike shorts from”

The couple posted their flicks on Da Kath & Kim Appreciation Society Facebook group, alongside the caption “Me and my great hunk of spunk keeping ourselves trim. It’s not a crim”, and it’s since amassed over 2.5k likes and 200+ comments. And rightly bloody so – the similarity is spot on.


I’ve got one word to say to this couple and their costumes: doppelgänger icons.

Their ‘fits? Hunk-a-spunk. Their characterisation? Foxy. That pre-pash? Hornbag.

In fact, can someone please give them a medal for their efforts? Or, at the very least, a bottle of Baileys. This moment is just too iconic to go unrewarded.

Either way, we simply have no choice but to stan Fountain Gate’s newest royal couple.