Just Gonna Say It: Drag Race España Is The Most Entertaining Version Of The Show There Is

drag race spain drag race España espana

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14 is currently plodding along on our screens and although it’s super entertaining, it’s nearly at the end. However, the second season of international spinoff Drag Race España has just begun and my good gay girly God is it incredible.

Time to flick on those subtitles girls, gays and theys, because if you’re not watching Drag Race España you are sorely missing out.

At the time of writing, only two episodes have come out from the season and pretty much everyone who has seen it agrees on one thing: this may be one of the best seasons of Drag Race we’ve ever received.

The looks on the Drag Race España main stage are simply out of this world. I’m talking stuff we’ve never seen on any Drag Race season being pulled out by each and every girl. There are so few flaws that it will make you question everything you know about drag.

In the most recent episode, the girls were asked to put on a talent show. This is a Drag Race staple challenge that has gone very wrong in the past. But on Drag Race España, literally every girl showed up and showed OUT. The production value? Insane. The level of tricks, stunts and gaggery? Next fkn level.

Something is in the water over in Spain and I would kindly like a sip.

I mean, please watch the below clips for yourself.

These are just TWO talents from the night. Just two. Imagine everything at this level.


At no point in that video could I predict what was coming next.

Opera? In my Drag Race? It’s more likely than you’d think.

Episode two of Drag Race España currently has a 9.9/10 rating on IMBD. Episode one has a 9.3.

This number constantly shifts, however. At one point episode two had a perfect rating, it’s just THAT good.

Friends, if you haven’t seen a single episode of Drag Race España I recommend you start now. It’s proving itself to be one of the most entertaining, camp and chaotic seasons of Drag Race yet. You won’t be disappointed.

You can catch up on all the episodes of Drag Race España on Stan. I highly recommend you do.