Drag Race RuCap: The Girls Are Fighting!!!!

drag race down under recap episode 5 season 2 drag race australia

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes and an addiction to RuPaul’s Drag Race. The second season of Stan’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under has been absolutely incredible so far and I for one am loving every episode. I mean, what a stellar cast of queens.

But hey, you didn’t come to hear me shower the season with praise, you came for this week’s Drag Race Down Under rucap.

So, let’s get into it.

Last week was the Snatch Game and the super duper Minnie Cooper (dressed as a clown) was sent home by our reigning Twink King Beverly Kills (dressed as a lion). It was very much giving Lennon Bros Circus but gay and way more horrifying.

name one other show where you’d see this kind of shit in the first five minutes.

The queens gather in the werk room to slay, hunty, fierce and yaaaas.

Just kidding, these bitches are out for blood straight out the gate.

Yuri Guaii and Beverly Kills have a highly edited little tiff about *checks notes* Bev being a bottom in the bottom. It doesn’t make much sense as to why there’s even a clash, but it sure is entertaining let me tell you that much.

drag race down under
*gagged in top*

It’s time for the mini challenge and the girls are tasked with reading each other to filth.

The only problem is all of these girls are illiterate except Kween Kong.

Understandably, she is named the winner of this week’s cringeworthy mini challenge.

why couldn’t she be my English teacher??

The queens are then told that this week they have to get into groups of three and create their own choreography to a song they have to also write lyrics for.

It’s giving Bardot. I’m actually 1000 per cent sure Bardot was the inspiration for the challenge given the fact that Sophie Monk is a “judge” this week. More on that later.

Beverly’s team consisting of Molly Poppinz and Yuri decide to fumble their way through some steps in the middle of the werk room. I would personally be too embarrassed to even walk in front of dancing legend Kween Kong let alone rehearse intricate moves.

beverly kills
this move is called “the hole”.

Bev and Kween then start to have a bit of a moment. Bev is egging on Kween to also rehearse in front of everyone else after feeling a bit insecure. I mean, the other team was laughing at her so it makes sense why she’d feel a bit pressed.

The whole thing then escalated and can only really be summed up with two images, this one:

beverly kills
get me out of here.

And this one:

drag race down under
get her out of here.

It’s all a bit silly but again, it sure is entertainting.

The queens then go into the booth (see: the main stage where literally everything happens on this show) to record their verses.

Most of the queens stumble except for one-take Molly Poppinz and Kween Kong. Something has definitely clicked within Kween at this point in the competition. She is absolutely killing it and her confidence has shot through the fibro roof.

the confidence… it has me WEAK.

Other queens like Beverly Kills think they’re… killing their little raps.

Let’s cross live to Michelle Visage to see if they’re doing as good as they think.

michelle visage drag race down under
if she gave me this look even once I would quit everything.

Choreo time and Kween Kong’s team consisting of Hannah Conda and Spankie Jackzon decide to rehearse on the main stage instead of the werk room where their competition can watch them. Smart moves, to be honest.

Let’s cross live to the girls to see how their dance moves are going.

okay then!

Back over on the other team and Beverly is getting into another little tiff with Yuri.

This really is Beverly’s episode, whether that be a good thing or not.

The disagreement is over some of the dance moves. Bev has constructed some lovely little fierce moments for her team to learn and practice, but Yuri wants it even easier.

The two clash because Bev feels like her instructions are just being written over and Yuri feels… well she doesn’t really say that much.

But hey, let’s cross live to Yuri to see if she’s upset.

okay then!!!!

The girls go back into the werk room and Beverly brings up the drama with Kween Kong yet again because she feels like Kween’s “maternal” image has been tarnished by her “being a cunt” this week.

Kween puts Bev into her place by saying that all her little digs and jabs are just her insecurities speaking. Bev is a pretty young twink queen and the pressure of the competition would get to anyone, let alone someone whose prefrontal cortex hasn’t fully developed yet.

After being in the bottom twice it’s clear she doesn’t want to wind up there again, but her ambitions for the crown are showing in rather unsavoury ways.

Let’s cross live to Spankie to see if the other girls are enjoying the drama.

spankie jackzon
alrighty roo! (shit’s miserable).

RuPaul steps onto the stage wearing a… bindi?

drag race down under recap rucap
good God girl what are you doing?

Not to drag this crossing live joke into the fucking ground but let’s cross live to Twitter for some spicy reactions.

I think that about covers everything that needs to be said here.

Time for the girl groups to do their thing.

First group up is BAB’Z (Broke Ass Bitchez) with Spankie, Kween and Hannah.

The three girls kill this challenge. It’s so well done and I’m so happy for this trio. My top three to be honest.

drag race down under recap
humour, killer verses AND bomb dance moves? what a trio.

The other team, The Hung Divas (an homage to the legendary Aussie girl group The Young Divas) consisting of Yuri, Molly and Beverly also do a really good job.

In my opinion, all six girls really devoured their verses and the choreo. This season of Drag Race Down Under is just oozing with talent.

drag race down under
this whole team looked INCRED.

Now, here are some of the notable looks from this week’s Drag Race Down Under episode. The theme? Belts, buckles and chains.

Hannah, as always, consumed on the runway. She devoured and left no crumbs. Hell, she barely even left the plate. She just ate everything before her like Taz the Tasmanian Devil.

Also, her tattoos went really well with this look, I’m in awe. It’s very much giving Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

hannah conda
Let’s play some blitzball.

Yuri also unsurprisingly smashed the runway this week. She looks like a BDSM snake. A fanged dominatrix. It was everything.

yuri guaii
There are not enough mother-tucking Yuri’s on this mother-tucking runway.

The queens then wind down and untuck, when they hear a phone ring.

It’s Sophie Monk appearing via flip phone to tell the girls that working with others in a group really is difficult stuff.

I would have gagged if they reunited all of Bardot for this episode. I would also have gagged if they actually had Sophie Monk in the damn studio, but alas.

this is literally how my dreams look.

RuPaul makes the hard decision of deciding who wins the maxi challenge this week and who lands in the bottom. Honestly, everyone could have been safe, it would’ve been an acceptable stunt.

All three members of BAB’Z are given the win, and bloody hell did they deserve it.

I better see this exact visual on the final episode.

This brings Spankie to THREE wins, Hannah to two and Kween to one. I wouldn’t have been mad at a solo Kween win but the magnificence of her is that she wanted her entire team to shine with her choreo. And hey, they definitely did!

The bottom two are Yuri and Molly, a decision based on the most minute of details.

The pair lipsync to Tina Arena‘s ‘Chains’, which feels incredibly fitting.

rupaul's drag race down under australia
SUCH a good lipsync.

In the end, Molly Poppinz was the one who was declared the winner.

Yuri was unfortunately sent home and it was a moment I was not looking forward to. Honestly, I thought she killed that lipsync but it was a very close battle.

Yuri has been an exceptional talent on this year’s season of Drag Race Down Under and it’s so sad to see her go. I mean… the LOOKS!!! Her humour!!! Gone!!!

You can catch RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under on Stan now.