Well, well, WELL, apparently the BBC censored the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under after it aired a couple of jokes about Prince Andrew. Would you believe!?

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, you can find it on Stan. Or, you can read our very good recaps by my colleague Michael Di Iorio. Or, you can do both, because ¿Por qué no los dos? etcetera, etcetera.

The long and short of it is that Anita Wigl’it did Queen Lizzy for Snatch Game and delivered one of the all-time greatest burns in the history of the sport.

“When somebody turns 100, I write them a letter, and when somebody turns 16 Prince Andrew sends them a text,” Anita said.


“Too far?” Anita asked Ru after telling the joke.

But while a laughing RuPaul applauded the gag, the BBC apparently… did not.

One viewer in the UK took to Reddit in the early hours of Monday morning to share that the broadcasting channel had “completely cut” Anita’s Prince Andrew jokes from its iPlayer version.

“I’m in the UK and happened to see the episode elsewhere before watching the iPlayer version,” Reddit user, @lazydan, shared.

“A few of Anita Wigl’it’s Queen jokes have been completely cut from the BBC iPlayer version.”

[Spoiler] DRDU Snatch Game FYI for UK fans from DragRaceDownUnder

I mean, am I surprised that the same network that received 109,741 complaints from the public over its… uh, thorough coverage of Prince Philips‘s death also censored a jokey-joke about the Queen’s (alleged) favourite child?

No! Not even a little bit.

But wait, there’s more.

“After Lindy‘s dingo attack the cut-in where she says ‘I wish a dingo had taken my baby, then I wouldn’t have to have dealt with Prince Andrew!’ is completely cut. Then Anita’s entire response to the ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Blank’ question is cut too – it just goes straight from Lizzo to Dr Seuss,” the viewer continued.

However, the BBC was more than happy to leave in the jokes about Queen Lizzy not needing a husband – “who needs a husband when you have two corgis and a jar of peanut butter” – and a sledge at her grandson.

Oh, and that joke about wearing a seatbelt? Completely fine!

But how dare ye insult Prince Andrew, who willingly sat down and did a dumpster fire interview over his friendship with convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

The nerve!

Anyway, you can catch RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under on Stan now. New episodes drop every Saturday at 4pm (AEST).

Image: Stan