Dom And Jack Were Cuddling And Smooching At Her MAFS Viewing Party & OMG, Pls Still Be Together

Domenica Calarco at her MAFS reunion viewing party, cuddling with Jack.

Domenica Calarco held a cheeky viewing party for the MAFS reunion dinner party on Sunday night and I bet the kick-ons were fkn wild.

Dom hosted the party at her own home. She set up a tent outside where local Allfrey painted a gorgeous mural of her. Topless, smouldering, with text that says: “My Body, My Choice, Bitch!!” alongside her? A masterpiece.

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The painting is a callback to what Dom said to producers when Olivia Frazer found and then shared a nude photo of Dom among the group.

Dom’s bestie Ella Ding and co-stars Brent Vitiello and Al Perkins were at the event. Al brought his mum to the party. Iconic behaviour, honestly.

Dom’s on-screen partner Jack Millar was also there, bless. The pair were spotted cuddling in the front row of Dom’s screening in a video shared by So Dramatic!. And she kissed him on the cheek too!


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Good news for those of us who want them to get back together — though if this radio interview is anything to go by, the two are def together.

Another interesting note about the guest list was Ella’s on-screen partner Mitch wasn’t there. Which is mighty suss considering Ella and Mitch revealed they were back together on Sunday night. But behind the scene vids appeared to suggest she’s got something going on with Brent.

Which is also spicy because during Sunday’s reunion episode, Brent and Mitch appear to be loyal buddies. Mitch shared texts he received from Brent’s ex, Tamara Djordjevic to him and openly sided with Brent. Sooo, if Brent and Mitch’s alleged girlfriend Ella are dating… well… it’s certainly interesting.

Anyway, the crowd could be heard cheering in a video tweeted by So Dramatic! when Brent brought up Tamara’s attempts at sliding into Mitch’s DMs. Oh, and people cheered when Al burped in her face and laughed off her attempts at attacking him, too. We love an unbothered king.

And now, what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for.

In the reunion episode, Olivia said she didn’t want to talk to Dom when she walked into the dinner party. Dom shouted back at the screen on Sunday: “I don’t want to talk to you either, bitch!” to cheers from the crowd.

She also flipped the bird at Olivia and danced around. Oh, and there was a “we do not serve Olivias” sign at the food station.

Oof, I bet vindication feels good.

For more spice, stay tuned for the Reunion Grand Finale on Monday,  7.30pm on Channel 9. It’s here where we’ll find out exactly where everyone is at — and I am convinced there’s more going on than we know about.