The Internet Is Divided Over This Disneyland Worker Swooping In To Stop A Marriage Proposal

A marriage proposal is sadly not something I can relate to. But I can safely say a marriage proposal at Disneyland is something I don’t want to relate to. My personal opinions aside, the internet is split after a Disneyland Paris employee basically ruined the magic of one man’s proposal to his girlfriend in front of the iconic Sleeping Beauty castle.

In the video, which is now having a viral moment on the world wide web, a man can be seen getting down on one knee and pulling out a ring. She does the hand over her mouth thing that people do when they’re getting proposed to even though their future has probably been discussed prior to the moment. At this moment a Disneyland employee runs over in lightning-bolt fashion, snatches the ring (which is probably very exxy) and directs them to the bottom of the stairs.

As far as moments go, this one was kinda ruined. Check it out for yourself:

The man proceeds to tell the employee that she said yes (!!!!), which is something I’m sure the couple later told their social media followers. The employee responds: “Yes, that’s great, but over here is going to be even better.” Another employee at the bottom of the stairs is also in encouragement of the decision.

Did he ruin the proposal? Did he actually give the proposal worldwide attention and make it a story actually worth telling when people inevitably ask ‘OMG HOW’D HE DO IT??”

The clip was first posted by Redditor wasgehtlan, who claimed to have known the man proposing. “POS destroyed my best friend’s moment,” the user wrote. “He asked for permission beforehand.”
The internet, as always, has some thoughts.

One argument is whether or not he actually got permission to drop a knee there. And if he didn’t, was the interruption justified?

Other people couldn’t care less if he was following rules or not – namely because of the employee touching the man’s belongings. And by belongings, I mean ludicrously expensive engagement rings.

“If some stranger ran up and snatched a diamond ring out of my hand, more than the moment would be ruined,” one Redditor wrote.

As for Disneyland, they’re sorry.

“We regret how this was handled,” a Disney spokesperson told Newsweek. “We have apologised to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

I would love to know what “make it right” means. Free Disneyland entry for a year? The opportunity to propose somewhere that’s less predictable?

Not knowing will keep me up at night, presumably while watching The Little Mermaid for the 75th time on Disney+.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her on IG here.