Disney Has Unleashed The Full Deets Of Its Shiny New Streaming Service

Disney has finally unveiled more details about its highly anticipated streaming service Disney+, making a strong pitch for their play into an increasingly crowded market.


Obviously, we already knew the bare bones of what Disney+ looks like: it’ll be a one-stop-shop repository for everything released under the Disney umbrella, including Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars content. Over the past year, the company has announced the production of several original series – including several MCU entries and Star Wars series The Mandalorianwhich we’ll only be able to see on Disney+.

Today we learned a little more. First things first: it probably won’t be in Australia at launch on November 12. However, Disney promised that the service would launch in all the “major” regions over the next two years, so it’s safe to expect it by 2021. Currently, a huge chunk of the Disney library is streaming on Stan, and it’s not clear exactly how long that arrangement will kick on for.

On the technical side of things, Disney+ will stream in both HD and 4K, and will allow downloads for anyone with a subscription. They teased the possibility of a bundle with Hulu and ESPN – but, again, there’s no word on what it will look like in Australia. You can safely assume the platform will be available on a huge array of devices and smart televisions.

Disney CEO Bob Iger posted a pic on Twitter of the main splash page for Disney+ and let me tell you: it looks like a streaming service!

On the content front, a few surprises were announced. Several new Marvel shows were confirmed, including Tom Hiddleston‘s Loki series, as well as WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Further wins for the service include The Simpsons – which is now a Disney property! – and a bunch of other 20th Century Fox acquisitions like Malcolm in the Middle.

A lot to process!